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Kure Bazaar

Green Love Nail Polish

Green Love Nail Polish

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The nail polishes from Kure Bazaar Come in a variety of gorgeous vibrant colours, that aren’t toxic and don’t compromise on longevity or quality. 

Kure Bazaar has after several years of research significantly reduced chemical substances. The formula is 90% natural based and is enriched with extracts from Bamboo and Vitamin E.

The Kure Bazaar formula is "10 Free", which means that it is WITHOUT ten of the worst usual nail polish ingredients: Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl-phtalate, Synthetic Camphre, TPHP, Paraben, Xylêne, Styrêne, Benzophenone-1-3.

It is recommended to apply the Clean base coat first, nail polish second, and lastly the Dry Finish top coat or the Studio top coat for the nail polish to last longer and stay shiny.

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