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Period Briefs 3 Pack

Period Briefs 3 Pack

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This bag contains 3 pairs of HEVEA X UNDERPROTECTION period briefs, made of a soft breathable cotton jersey trimmed with lace edges. They are designed to ensure comfort and safety throughout your cycle, using SilverClear textile technology, known for its effective absorbency, which is both environmentally friendly, antibacterial and odor-resistant.

The Period Briefs absorb blood equivalent to up to 3 regular tampons or pads.



- Outer layer: 95% cotton (organic), 5% spandex

- Inner layer: 100% cotton (organic) with SilverClear threads

- Absorbent layer: 80% polyester & 20% nylon (microfibre)

- Leak-proof layer: TPU 100% polyester

- All layers are tested PFAS-free




This product is manufactured in China in a BSCI & Sedex certified factory. The product is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 103199 and GOTS. Read more about our sustainable values ​​here.




- The package contains three of our Period Briefs

- True to size

- Classic brief shape

- Normal waist




Must be machine washed before use. Follow the instructions below when you have put the product into use:


  1. BEFORE WASHING: Rinse the menstrual panties in cold water as soon as possible until the water runs clear. Machine wash directly afterwards - or hang them to dry and put them aside for your next wash.


  1. WASH: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water/30°.

We do not recommend washing with fabric softener. Hang to air dry.


ECO FRIENDLY TIP: Our menstrual panties can last for an average of 40 washes/two years, and like all reusable menstrual products, they can start to smell at some point. If so, you can soak them in clear stock vinegar or baking soda overnight before washing them in the machine.


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